“Calling James a proofreader does not do him full justice. To be sure, he attended to my highly specialized philosophy book with rare precision and sensitivity. Not only did he catch my errors, but he also made me sound better! I would prefer to call him a collaborator of unequalled expertise. Further, he completed his work ahead of schedule, and substantially lowered our agreed-upon fee as a result. I recommend him enthusiastically and unequivocally.”
Dr. Bernard Freydberg, USA


“Now that my book-editing project is completed I want to thank you for your excellent work on it. You struck just the right balance between making corrections and spotting textual issues. And you accomplished this work with exemplary promptness and efficiency. I would be glad to come to you again with this sort of project.”
Dr. Nicholas Rescher, University of Pittsburgh, USA


“Already now four months that we have been collaborating with James to write specialised articles for the construction tech industry. Whether in terms of the structured collaboration or his professionalism as a technical copywriter, it is a real pleasure to work with him.”
— Wladimir Janssens, Traxxeo


“James is a true professional; he is conscientious, meticulous, timely, congenial, and very easy to work with. He gave a veracious outline of the editing/proofreading process itself and delivered on all counts. He also navigated the manuscript, a non-fiction book dealing with a very specialized topic, with sensitivity and exceptional aplomb. His services are also, in my opinion, very affordable. I would highly recommend James.”
— Paul Kiritsis, PsyD


“As a non-native speaker of English I am more than happy that James Baron was recommended to me as a proofreader for my post-doc research project – a really extensive work at more than 400 pages! – and certainly not an easy topic. However, James not only got into the details of my sometimes faulty grammar or unidiomatic phrases, he also dived deep into the issues I am writing about so that we could correct ambiguous or misleading expressions. His comments on unclear passages helped me to streamline my argument and I think the text really benefitted from occasional rewording. James not only did a really great job on the manuscript, but he also always kept me up to date on how things were going. If there were questions about how to proceed, he raised queries with me so that the text always remained ‘my text’, so that I still felt that it was my thoughts but much clearer thanks to James. I would recommend James anytime and I will certainly get back to him for my future publications. Thanks James!”
— Dr. Anna Wiehl, University of Bayreuth, Germany


“I could not expect more from James’ services. James is a great, professional proofreader and really committed to improving English texts of non-native speakers, but he also tends to keep the author’s personal writing style. This is what I appreciated the most. The corrected manuscript was also sent to me very promptly and he kept me informed about all updates during the proofreading process. I strongly recommend him for researchers aiming to improve their scientific contributions and I am surely going to contact him again to help me with my future projects. Thanks again, James!!”
— Antonella Pedergnana, PhD, MONREPOS – Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution, Germany


“I’m very happy with the quality of the work. As well as taking care of the nuts and bolts of the job, James challenges points in the manuscript that need further clarification, and spots narrative inconsistencies as part and parcel of his proofing service.”
— Chris Lomas, Senior Editor at Trigger Publishing


“… Your detailed emails on your work process, your explanation of every change that you suggested, rendered so much smoothness … I am very impressed with your attention to detail, each and every word, comma, full stop, hyphen, and italic so very consistently throughout my 80,000 words. Keep up the good work and be blessed by all creative and rational capabilities, always. Thank you once again.”
— Dr. Mamta Mantri, author


“James recently worked for us on the PDF proofread of a large textbook for a vocational training course. He completed the project on time and to a very high standard, raising relevant queries throughout the process and also keeping me informed of progress. I would happily recommend James to anyone who is looking for an excellent proofreading service.”
— Imogen Miles, Desk Editor at Hodder Education


“James helped me with proofreading several assignments while I was studying at university. I am fluent in English but it is my second language and therefore I asked him to check my text for incorrect grammar, sentence structure and overall English coherence of the content. He provided a very helpful service to a high standard and always delivered on time.”
— Thomas Untereiner, MSc student, University of Nottingham, UK


“James Baron is a great professional proofreader. Without a doubt I would come back to work with him because he is a very serious and effective expert. You can rely on him as he meets the deadlines and [does] excellent work.”
— Prof. Lourdes Mella Méndez, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain


“I am happy with how things went, and I think your work is perfect. I thank you for your professional support and desire to help me because English is not my native language. The work was completed in a very short time, despite the very specific nature of the scientific subject matter.”
— Boris Menin, PhD, MSc


“I would like to express my gratitude to James for helping to edit and proofread my dissertation. He completed it within a short time and delivered exceptionally high-quality work that has made a real difference.”
— Carmen Chan, MSc student, University of Cambridge, UK



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